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Technology & Automation
The new production facility was inaugurated in May 2018 at Mouans-Sartoux, near Grasse.
ONLY FRAGRANCES has made significant investment in cutting-edge technology, in order to offer our clients high-quality production and an accurate packing with tight lead times, which provide a true competitive advantage.
The semi-automated production tool is flexible and adapted to the business’s size. It guarantees perfect quality, total traceability and an optimal shelf-life for our products, as our perfume compounds are cold-produced.
Each operator has benefited beforehand from in-house training, allowing efficient and harmonious working alongside our robot devices.
Our manufacturing procedures ensure precision and quality. Each batch benefits from rigorous monitoring over all production stages, right until the final checks.
Quality Control

Quality Control is systematic and rigorous.

Checking by experts is mandatory for each entry and exit of product. The control is analytical: physico-chemical analysis, chromatography and mass spectrometry and organoleptic : colour and odour.

In-line monitoring is carried out to measure density, refraction and colour-matching. Traceability of our deliveries is ensured by keeping batch samples of all manufacturings, which we retain for 3 years.

We monitor that each product is conform with legislation in force and we respect the requirements and specifications of our clients.
We ensure national and international regulatory watch thanks to PRODAROM, of which we are members, which allows us to stay informed on all regulatory developments (IFRA, EU Cosmetics Directive, REACH and CLP regulation, etc.).

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