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"Our creativity drives us to arouse more than just one simple emotion."
Our expertise


We wish to evoke more than just one simple emotion among our clients.

To do this, our perfumers showcase their knowledge, talent and creativity to create notes according to their inspiration and the current trends, always complying with our clients’ specifications and the legislation in force. Our perfumers’ palette is rich in natural raw materials and high-quality synthetics, selected with the utmost care and totally independently. With perfect knowledge of natural raw materials: essential oils, absolutes and resinoids; they know how to blend them for best effect to create unique fragrances, which will imbue your ideas with life and become your real olfactory signature.

Interview with our Chief Perfumer

Rémi Barbier

Rémi Barbier was born in Provence where the very particular scents of the countryside attracted him.
Interview with our Chief Perfumer
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Our expertise

& Marketing

These two services are intrinsically linked.

The Evaluation Service analyses clients’ needs and targets the best way of responding to them. It can be through existing notes from our fragrance library, or through the development of a specific creation.
Evaluation supports and advises perfumers about the olfactory direction to follow based on an extensive knowledge of the market and respecting the client’s brief. A systematic follow up of the Press and feedback from our Agents and Distributors allows our Marketing Service to analyse consumer behaviour and the evolution of market products.

It regularly carries out pro-active studies on trends and proposes innovative olfactory concepts to our clients. It can guide or advice our clients in their choices, so as to guarantee them a true olfactory identity to create a success story.

evaluation & marketing

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