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A tale of passion for perfumes.
In all its forms, it bewitches us and takes us on a journey.
It symbolises our personality and shapes our identity.
Fine Perfumery

Fine Perfumery

The foremost expertise at ONLY FRAGRANCES.

We are specialised in the creation of fragrance compositions for alcohol-based perfumes.
Parfums, Eaux de Parfum, Eaux de Toilette arouse emotions, pleasure and respond to multiple demands. Our perfumers love to create trendy notes and select raw materials of high quality to shape their creations.

Well aware of the “green” movement currently in fashion, ONLY FRAGRANCES develops fragrances for the labelling “100% natural”.

ONLY FRAGRANCES also differentiates itself through its extensive knowledge of the Oriental Perfume Market. Blending warmth and sensuality, Oriental notes combine the richness of musks, leathers and precious woods with captivating spicy oils or sweet floral accords. This particular interest has made ONLY FRAGRANCES a recognised expert in this field.

Only fragrance SOINS & COSMETIQUES

Body Care

Giving ourselves a daily beauty routine brings us a gentle and pleasurable sensation. The fragrance must be delicate and comforting. It leaves an olfactory impression on our skin throughout the day or night.

Only Fragrances helps its clients in the creation and development of their soaps, shower gels, shampoos, creams and cosmetics, while paying scrupulous attention to specifications, texture of the products and brand identity.


Well-being is a state linked to health, pleasure, self-realisation and being at one with yourself.

ONLY FRAGRANCES has developed true expertise in this sector via massage candles and massage oils. The massage candle is a recent concept, in which the wax transforms itself step-by-step into relaxing massage oil delicately perfumed. We offer a range of perfumes for massage oils, which are constantly evolving, with sensual, relaxing or revitalising notes. We put all our expertise at our clients’ service, in order to help them develop their own well-being range.

Home Care

A home care fragrance is the reflection of an identity.
It can promote well-being, the desire to consume or define a location’s atmosphere. Whether diffusing by means of air freshener, reed diffuser or candle, we put all our expertise in service of a true partner relationship with our clients. We provide them with guidance and advice on the choice of fragrances, which have been developed for particular, groups or for public spaces.

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